Privacy Policy

Okay, okay. I don't really have a privacy 'policy' per se. I would consider myself more 'private' than others, however.

For example, I don't have a 'Facebook' account. What?!?!?!? No, really. Nor a 'MySpace' page, Nor a 'Twitter' account. Nope. Not that there's anything wronnnnnnng with that :)

Anyway, not much of a 'policy' is it?

Truth of the matter is... this whole website began as a 'template' i purchased and then customised in order to make it my own. ( I thought that it would be easy... It wasn't )

Included in the 'template' was this here nifty privacy policy page. I thought... "Hmmmm, maybe someday I'll need a privacy policy." So, until that time comes...

This is what you get!

What are you doing looking at my privates anyway?