Tom Bruno, Jr.

Los Angeles, California - (310) 621-1877 -

Senior character animator : Lead character animator : Animation supervisor : Previsualization artist : Director's previs/post-vis



Expertise in the language of film: Camera movement, lensing, formats, filmbacks, etc. Blocking, staging coverage, editorial continuity, color theory. Expertise in pre/post-visualization VFX concerns: Trackable green-screen setups, real-world/3d continuity, image control/manipulation ALL with the priority being the facilitation of the Director's vision.

Primary software: Maya, Boujou, and the Adobe Creative Suite.


Mentors: Ike Feldman (PIXAR), Derek Friesenborg (Imageworks), Dave Burgess (PDI/Dreamworks) Mark Behm (Blue Sky), Jason Shleifer (PDI/Dreamworks), Matthew Russell (Valve).

Specialized in Character Animation under Pepe Valencia, Jeremy Cantor, Alex Williams and Cameron Hood.