a few words about TOM...

Tom Bruno, Jr. is a Los Angeles-based senior rough layout artist, character animator and previsualization artist with more than 12 years of experience working on large-budget studio tent-pole visual effects films as well as computer-animated features.

In 2012, he also made his debut as a series-cinematographer for Finding My Obama.

Tom has worked client-side with top directors including Roland Emmerich, the Wachowskis and Barry Sonnenfeld. His VFX film credits include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Monster House, I Am Legend, Speed Racer, 2012, Battle: Los Angeles, Tron: Legacy, X-Men: First Class, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and most recently, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Tom has also contributed his talents to the animated features Hotel Transylvania and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 as a senior rough layout artist.

In 2014, Tom will continue at Sony Imageworks as senior layout artist on the all-CG animated film Tibetan Rock Dog, directed by Ash Brannon.

                                                                                                                           - Jan 10th, 2014

what people say about tom...

Rachelle Lewis, Recruiting Consultant,Sony Pictures Imageworks, January 30, 2008

“Tom is an excellent animator. He can cross the line from photo-real to squash and stretch...something not all animators can do with ease. Also, his personality is vivacious, fun, and he brings more than just his excellent skills to the table because of these traits. Any studio or production should consider themselves lucky to have Tom on board.”

Hilary Klarberg, Digital Coordinator , Digital Domain, December 3, 2008

“Tom is one of the fastest animators I have worked with, and it was always spot on. He was a pleasure to work with and even made time for some fun. I absolutely recommend him to any company, they would be lucky to have him.